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As I posted earlier….I am a fan of NASCAR. Admittedly when I was growing up I have to say I was quite annoyed when a car race was on tv…on-our-family-cable-free-we-only-get-like-5-channels and one of them is showing cars driving around in circles. What a bore…so I thought that up until like 2005 when I was working at a Ford Dealership…then I was hooked. Course this was after turning wrenches on aircraft where I learned a little more respect for how mechanical things work. I would love to drive as fast as I could on one of those oval tracks…that would be awesome.

As I sit here typing watching the race pre-broadcast I can’t help but laugh at the comments over on NASCAR’s website about the track at Talladega being dried by the jet-dryers and that it was now a Juan Montoya free zone. You would have to live under a rock if you didn’t catch some media blurb about the Daytona race in February when Montoya’s car broke and he and machine were doing probaby 190 miles per hour right into a jet dryer on the track. Complete craziness ensued afterwards…..thank God no one was hurt. Montoya’s car was a shell…and the jet dryer truck pretty much went up in flames.

Then the #2 Brad Keselowski became an instant Twitter “god” when he tweeted a picture of his view from the track when the drivers were sitting in their motionless cars because the race had been stopped. I think Brad gained like 100 thousand followers that night. Shortly after I joined twitter as well….and eventually became a Brad follower. Yea…hard to let go of the whole incident between Brad and my driver Carl Edwards a few years ago…BUT okay…I am over it. Brad is pretty cool…he takes like 10-15 minutes after every race to answer questions from his followers. Most of the NASCAR drivers and their teams are like that…FAN FRIENDLY. Imagine that…I have since started following some of Carls pit crew members and his PR team…they are real people…they are funny…they pass on info like where the drivers are to get autographs…I don’t get that same info from the NFL players…they seem to be complete prima donnas. Um…forgetting the fans are paying their paychecks. Can’t remember which team…but one of the pit crew guys tweeted a photo of his bathroom from his casino room when they were in Vegas….now I know to use twitter to find out where teams are staying. 🙂

NASCAR gets that…they put fans first. The drivers have skills…a lot of skills. “Wild Thing”….aka Kyle Busch in the #18 car…watch him…he loves to drive a lose car…he is crazy…and okay…gets booed ALOT. But I think he takes the boos as a badge of honor. My driver….Carl Edwards…I don’t know what is going on with his team….something isn’t quite right there…can’t put my finger on it. I am more than ready to see him do another back flip from his car after he wins a race. Yea…I missed the race last week….must have been quite the conversation on the radio. Someone made a mistake…I am sure Carl will say something about it today….better communications guys…come on!

Alright….race will be on soon…have the scanner all ready to go…enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!