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~8~ A horse named “I’ll Have Another” won….I am gonna go out on a limb here and say this will be yet another year where there is no Triple Crown winner. The favorite had a terrible start out of the gate when he got very banged up…I bet that horse wins the Preakness…maybe even the Belmont. Time will tell ~8~

The year is flying by and here it is the first weekend of May. I have been paying attention to that first weekend for as long as I can remember…why you ask…because the first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby. I don’t tune in anymore for the pre-broadcast because for whatever reason the media seems to feel that the television viewers are more interested in the “who’s who” at the race and not informing the viewers about the stories of the jockeys, owners, trainers and most importantly, the three year old thoroughbreds who are there to run the race.

This year is the 138th race…wow…that is pretty incredible if you think about it. So, the first race was in 1875…not long after our Civil War really. Before the automobile. Before the Wright Brothers. Before Queen Elizabeth II was born. Before the Great Depression. Before telegrams. Before man walked on the moon. Before Vietnam. Before President Reagan was shot. Before the astronauts lost their lives on Challenger. Before East and West Germany were united again after the fall of the wall. Before former President Clinton said he did not inhale. Before Han Solo and Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan. Before “my precious” became a marathon at the movie theater. Before “whatever” became a common everyday saying. Before 911. Before “smart” phones or any phones for that matter. Before politically correctness became the “norm”…

Just think about that for a few minutes. Can you even begin to imagine the people who have attended “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” at Churchhill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. The stories..the lives…the dreams…just imagine. What would the people who attended that first race think of the present day trip around the track? Do you think they thought this race would become what it has or even still be around? This first race of the Triple Crown…all the “hats”…mint juleps…and the horses. I think they would notice the change in the horses who run around the track…the horses have most certainly changed and I don’t think for the better.

So,another first Saturday in May..and another Kentucky Derby..maybe you will think to catch the broadcast and take a moment to think about all the history. I have no idea what horses are even entered…I tend to root for the black or grey horses…so we will see.