So…for all of you out there who have left the home you grew up in…here is a question…did your parents leave your room as it was when you left or did they turn it into something else…like a guest room, office, or even a personal theater (okay I doubt anyone out there had their room turned into that….I would LOVE to have a room like that). And if your room is still the same how do you feel about it?

Me…well this is how I looked at my hometown…I wanted out of there probably shortly after we moved there during the middle of third grade. Not that the place is bad…nor the people….I just wanted out. Out for what? Its been so long…not sure.

I…okay…was not your typical teenage girl…I did not have posters of the boy hair bands or lets see…Tom Cruise. (great actor…ahem) Towards the end of grade school, I had posters of animals….was thinking at that time I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then the posters of jet fighters went up….lots of them. I had a HUGE poster of a F-14 Tomcat (sadly mothballed now and no longer in service) on one of my walls. Same plane Cruise flew in Top Gun. I actually wrote the big aircraft manufacturers for the letter size “hand-out” posters of several different fighters. I spose today kids can just email for that same stuff or just print out a downloaded picture from the net. Coincidentally, I ended up fixing planes in the military…loved it in fact. Still love planes…especially the fighters.

So when I was preparing to leave the nest, I think I had all of my stuff paced in boxes….not sure what I did with that huge poster….kept a few of the other “hand-outs”…the one given to me from my Uncle when he flew F-16’s for the Montana Air Guard…and of course the F-15 Eagle ones….I worked on those planes so the pictures are special. I probably had like five or six boxes. Probably two of them were just stuffed animals. What is with girls and stuffed animals? I don’t have any of those animals anymore. Didn’t feel the need to keep them. And I moved too much.

I think I have a medium size box…well maybe even smaller of stuff. High school yearbook…okay…I only have one. One out of three years. Funny…doesn’t seem to have really affected me much. I have some stories from grade school, junior high yearbooks…some pictures….not much really.

When I packed all my stuff and asked my Mom to hold onto it…she seemed a little upset. I was the first to leave home…I had told her probably I wasn’t coming back…that was not the plan…although I did end up “home” for like a year and a half back in 2005….long story there…future blog material.

The house I grew up in…or at least from third grade was sold shorty after I left for the service. My parents moved…and since them my Mom divorced my stepfather and has been married now for 10 years to her present husband. Different house now too…and that house just doesn’t feel like home. So I wonder blogosphere….did your childhood room transform? I can’t see keeping my kids room the same…they have a few years until they leave the house…but no….guestrooms eventually. The plan is to raise them into adults who contribute to society…not keeping a kids room and time-warping them or me back to childhood. They won’t be kids forever…I wasn’t.