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Okay…haven’t mentioned the fact that I am a fan of the cars that do circles around the track…not the “go-carts”….but the NASCAR type with drivers like Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart…my driver of course is the one who is sponsored by the insurance company who has a “duck” for their mascot aka speaker.

Imagine my dismay when I go through the tv schedule to see no race scheduled….oh man….what the heck…maybe the broadcast is on that other channel I can’t stand. So lets go check the website….

And there in full color is the driver who WON yesterday…because the race WAS yesterday…and I missed it!! SERIOUSLY!! πŸ˜‰ And no….the M&M dude (very entertaining…he ALWAYS gets booed.) is NOT my driver. (One word here—AFLAC! πŸ˜‰ and okay…two more words….Cousin Carl )

This was not the first time this past week I have done this…or for that matter this month. Co-workers who are fans of football (American football…not soccer) were asking me…hey who did your team draft? My reply after looking at them like a deer in the headlights was…oh yea….the draft is this week. Forgot about that. Yea…my team is rebuilding…hence my race buddy (boyfriend isn’t willing to spend money on the races or football games….race buddy…well she and I went to Vegas last month for the race(s)…had a BLAST!! See pit row pic below) and I are already planning a trip down south to the car race next March…imagine AGAIN my dismay when I find out my football team will be here playing on a Monday night versus one of the bay teams…team happens to be the one my boyfriend likes…yea…didn’t bother to check the pre-schedule when it came out for the NFL season to see my team would be back here to play…again.

BUT wisdom and financial reality got me out the whipping the plastic out to buy tickets me to NOT whip out the plastic to buy tickets (yes…I just noticed it LOOKED like I actually BOUGHT tickets….um no :() to that November game. Yes it hurt and I found out yesterday my team didn’t draft a quarterback…REALLY???????

Sigh…another year of “team” rebuilding…at least my driver finished 10th yesterday and is 9th in points…and the next race IS Sunday….this time I checked….spose I will have to do that yard work I was SPOSE to do yesterday…no point waiting for the “talking heads” to wrap up their broadcast cuz “Digger” is already home relaxing and getting ready for next weeks race.


ps…Digger is a character from the broadcast channel….”boogity boogity boogity lets go racing boys” …for you non-NASCAR fans. πŸ™‚