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What a day….let me tell you….if I had some rum in the house and coke I would have a large cup of ice with a generous helping of rum and lots of coke zero….however….haven’t made my rum run in a while and although there is beer in the house….that doesn’t help. Beer? yucko! I think it may have something to do with being near the Coors brewery when I was a year old when we lived in Golden Colorado…hops? ANY kind of beer….YUCK!! 😉

Alright….I get to work and look at my handy dandy beach picture calendar to see that it is Administrative Professionals Day (yes…I am a paper pusher….aka secretary)….I had no idea. And I go on about my day….in the morning one of my bosses brings me a bottle of wine and this awesome looking whip cream strawberry kiwi shortcake bowl of stuff….like a HUGE bowl. Picture doesn’t do it justice….and although I am not a big wine drinker…nor know much about wine really….was told by bosses that the bottle will be sweet and fruity and not dry. WAY COOL! Just the kind of wine I do like. 🙂 Then other boss pops by around 11 am and says where are we going to lunch….so he and another sorta boss took me out to lunch. THEN when I got back from lunch I got this very cool coffee cup with roses and a $100 spa treatment card. FUNNY about that….the folks who got me that…well I have helped them from time to time…but I don’t really work for them…yet they did that for me…WOW!!!

Ya know…after writing that…and recognizing that folks at work appreciate what I do…I have to sorta change my first instinct to come in here and vent because I was extremely ticked off at this other office who um…okay…are clueless. And I really really want to go talk to them and just ask why why why why? BUT tomorrow I will write a proper memo to go up the chain of command and see if I can’t fix this whole process that I deal with every day and how that office only sees the end product and has no clue whatsoever how we get from a to z. You do recognize there are a few letters missing right? Hence the process of getting the task done that involves many people and being dependent on folks to do their job so everything is done on time….I think I am suppose to be this office’s customer….have to remember that when I write my memo.

And as for the memo….short and sweet to the point and have all the powers that be sign off on it and help me cuz….really. Come on people…use your brains!!

okay…that was my mini vent and now I will eat my leftovers from lunch and have some of that salad…besides….tomorrow is my Friday…WHAHOO!!! 😉 Maybe some wine tomorrow night….bottle is in the fridge…. 😉