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So…I saw this picture during my news travels  and the article Real Life Barbie and the reason it caught my eye was of course because this looks like a doll in a barbie house….does it not? And YES I know that is the point….just wow…pink walls and all. And I dunno. I have a fourteen year old daughter who appears to be comfortable in her own skin. I have tried to make it a point teach her she should not judge on looks…whats on the inside is most important. She does like to shop and is quite a girlie girl…which I am not…I did buy her the movie “The Help” (EXCELLENT movie AND book) for Christmas last year to prove a point of how important it is to treat all people with respect. This lady lives in the Ukraine I guess…is this what passes at what men want? Or what you should look like to be liked?

I dunno….I think its just a tad bizarre anyone would want to market themselves as looking like Barbie…cuz SERIOUSLY…who really has measurements like that? I mean…come on! Anywho…thought this was just um…yea…weird. What say you? However….where is the Ken doll? I wanna know 😉