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Okay…if by some freak accident you actually saw this “blog” when I initially started it….well…went through some theme changes….I think I have settled on what I like…and what I can live with going forward. I get very annoyed when I go to sites on the net that keep changing their formats (facebook…yea…I belong but I am HARDLY on there)…and I am continuously annoyed with Microsoft and their constant updates to office ect….guess it keeps people buying their products…anyways…not exactly sure how often I will post here….should try for a couple times a week I spose.Ā  And back to my original point before I went on that tangent…I won’t be changing my theme….closet doors are here to stay and this theme is pretty cool. I like the font šŸ™‚ Anyways….power is on…movie is again playing and I need to throw the laundry in the dryer….oh what a life I lead!! HA HA HA!! Enjoy your week and wish me luck battling the pollen in the air!! OMG!!

~Liz šŸ˜‰